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5 Tips that Will Help You Prevent a Car Glass Repair

Maintaining your car regularly is something you should always do as a car owner. This will not only ensure your car is in tiptop shape but will also keep you safe on the road. For instance, one way to prevent accidents is to keep your windshield sturdy. This will eliminate your need to go to a car glass repair shop, too. Here are five tips to keep your windshield strong:

#1 Make Sure Windshield Wipers Are in Working Condition

When you have the time, examine your car’s windshield wipers and make sure they are functioning because the blades play a major role in maintaining auto glass. If the rubber on the blades are old, you need to replace the wipers with new ones. Generally, you should examine the windshield wipers every few months and especially take a look at them when they start creating scratching/screeching noises against the glass. If the rubber has cracks in it and is starting to fall apart, you should replace the wipers as soon as you can, preferably right away to avoid driving in a bad storm with old, damaged wipers. By keeping the wipers in a good condition, you would prevent the windshield from getting scratched and damaged by you.

#2 Regularly Clean Auto Glass

Another precaution that you can take to prevent a car glass repair is to regularly clean your windshield. A clean windshield is less prone to damage and the reason for that is that without any dirt, the windshield wipers stay in shape and don’t scratch the glass.

#3 Don’t Use Sponges or Towels to Wash Glass

Most people use sponges or towels to wash and dry auto glass. But, doing so can damage the glass. People associate sponges with cleanliness because they are used to clean dishware and sometimes even to scrub counters. Nevertheless, sponges are meant to scrub, not gently clean. Sponges, when used to wash cars, can scratch the paint. What’s worse is when they are used to wash a car’s windshield and windows. The sponge ends up scratching the glass. While signs of scratches don’t show themselves right away, over months and years of use, you’ll be able to see how using a sponge ruins auto glass. Similarly, using a towel is just as bad for the windshield and should be avoided.

#4 Use a Clean Microfiber Cloth

When you wash and dry your windshield, use microfiber cloths that are clean. These cloths are gentle on auto glass and can help you avoid damaging your windshield.

#5 Park Away from Loose Tree Branches

When you park outdoors, be sure to examine where you have parked your car. If you are situated underneath a tree with loose tree branches, consider moving your car to a safer spot. If that branch falls on your windshield, it could cost you a lot of money to repair or replace the glass. Besides, there is no way to know for sure whether a bad storm will occur while you’re away that would make that loose tree branch fall. So, take that precaution to heart.


To make sure your windshield never needs a car glass repair, you must regularly maintain your car and windshield. Otherwise, the glass is susceptible to damage.