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Major Mistakes to Avoid After Car Glass Repair

It is a given that you should regularly maintain your car glass. However, it is even more important to do so after a car glass repair. This is because you want to keep your windshield and windows in shape. After all, past behavior could have easily been a cause behind the glass damage. Part of maintaining your car glass is ensuring that you do not make these mistakes:

Not Washing the Glass Often

Frequently washing your car glass is wise. Though, it is especially important after a car glass repair. Besides, filthy glass is more susceptible to scratches and chips. Therefore, ensuring that the glass remain spotless should be at the top of your priorities. The good news is that this mistake can easily be avoided. All you must do is clean the glass. Plus, many gas stations have a free windshield cleaning station just for this reason.

Not Replacing Old Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers age with use and time. They are not meant to remain in place forever. In fact, windshield wipers typically get old after six months of use. Not to mention that the hotter the weather, the more likely the wipers are to get damaged. Continuing to use the same old wipers is problematic; it can scratch the glass. As a result, replacing them when they get old is essential.

Using Sponges and Towels to Clean the Glass

This is a common mistake many drivers make. Sponges and towels should never be used on your car. Yes, you read that correctly. While these two cleaning tools appear harmless, they are dangerous on car glass. They are designed to scrub grime off tableware. However, they are not gentle on car glass. Thus, after a car glass repair, be sure to quit this habit and invest in a microfiber cloth instead.

Relying on Products with Ammonia to Wash the Glass

There are tons of glass cleaning products out there, but not all are designed for car glass. The majority are actually for regular windows. This makes these products harmful for car glass, and that is because they have ammonia in them. For instance, Windex is a product that cleans glass but should not be used on car glass. Instead, look for products explicitly designed to clean car glass. These products do not have ammonia and therefore do not damage the glass.


After a car glass repair, you should take extra care of your car glass. One way to do that is to avoid these several harmful glass mistakes.