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How Not to Clean Bird Droppings to Prevent a Car Glass Repair

Bird droppings are not an unusual sight. They even happen on our cars more often than we like. And while bird droppings do not seem risky, they can be if not cleaned off your car and windshield properly. In fact, bird droppings can lead to a car glass repair if not removed safely from the glass. A lot of people choose to wipe the bird droppings off with a wet cloth, but is that the right way to do it? Below are several ways you should NOT clean bird droppings:

Do Not Use Sponges or Towels

Using a sponge to clean bird droppings from your car might seem like a good method, but it can damage your car. Sponges and towels are not as soft as you might think. Although they are often used to clean cars, they are not designed for that job. Save your sponges and towels for household dishes and instead use microfiber cloths on your car. These cloths are soft and do not scratch the glass or paint of your car. Thus, if you need to wipe off bird droppings, only use microfiber cloths.

Do Not Use Your Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are regularly used to clean the glass and keep it clear. However, doing so with bird droppings damages the wipers, moves the dirt around the glass, and sometimes even scratches the glass. It is better to leave windshield wipers out of the equation if you have bird droppings on your windshield. This will help you prevent a car glass repair.

Do Not Scratch at the Dried Feces

car glass repairBird droppings harden on your windshield and car paint. Therefore, removing them is sometimes difficult. Some drivers choose to scratch at the dried bird droppings using tools such as towels, brushes, or even their fingernail (while wearing gloves, of course). These can wreak havoc on the glass by literally scratching it and lead to a car glass repair.

What to Do Instead?

As was stated above, use microfiber cloths. At the same time, use penetrating oils, such as WD-40 to soften the bird droppings. Spraying this oil on the bird droppings makes wiping them off with the microfiber cloth easier.


There is a right and a wrong way to clean bird droppings off your car and windshield, and doing it the wrong way can lead to a car glass repair. So, prevent a costly repair with these simple tips!