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4 Windshield Glass Replacement Signs to Look Out For

When you notice a damaged windshield, can you immediately tell whether it will need a repair or replacement? Most likely not from the first glance. Knowing the difference can actually help you provide better details to your car insurance. This will not only save you money, but it will get your car back into shape quickly. Here are 4 windshield glass replacement signs to look out for:

  1. Are There Major Scratches?

Yes, some scratches can be dangerous, even if they are tiny. What we consider as “major scratches” are any scratches located anywhere that obstructs the driver’s visibility and can cause accidents. If you notice such scratches, you need a windshield glass replacement.

  1. Are There Chips in the Driver’s Line of Vision?

Chips are small, but they are hazardous too. If chips are obstructing the driver’s visibility, then the glass must be replaced. Just like with a scratched glass, a chipped one can lead to car accidents.

  1. Are There Cracks or is the Glass Shattered?

If you have a crack in the windshield, you probably already figured that you need a windshield glass replacement. After all, cracks can get worse with time, especially if you are driving and go over road bumps. Doing so can cause the fissures to spread out more, and that can only mean that the glass is about to shatter. For your safety and the safety of your passengers, be sure to stop driving your car when you find a crack in the windshield. Have your car towed to an auto glass shop and get the windshield replaced.

Similarly, if your windshield is completely shattered, you should never risk driving at all. You might be thinking, “But the glass already fell. I’m safe!” The truth is, you are in a lot of danger driving without a windshield. Auto glass is what keeps a car’s roof up. Therefore, when you take that away, you have a higher chance of the roof caving in. Besides, you do not want to be in the car when the roof collapses.

  1. Is There Mold Around the Glass?

Glass mold can occur if you have had your car sitting around for months in an open area. Without a change of air and if there is condensation around the car, mold will find your car to be the perfect breeding location. Mold is dangerous when found in your car, particularly on your windows, as it can destroy the glass. Thus, if you find mold anywhere on the glass, immediately get a windshield glass replacement.


A windshield glass replacement has a few signs you must look out for. Doing so will help you talk to your car insurance and save money.

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