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4 Myths on Windshield Tinting Fresno

Some myths have stuck around for so long that it is hard to know that they are just myths. For instance, there are a couple of windshield tinting Fresno myths. These myths have been misconstrued for facts when they are not. Below are four of these windshield tinting myths compared with the real truth.

Myth #1 Windshield Tinting Fresno Is Only for Appearance

Many people fall for this myth. Windshield tinting is by no means just to improve the appearance of your car. Obviously, tinting does enhance your ca’s appearance, but it also does so much more. For example, tinting the glass ensures your car stays cool during hot weather. It also provides you a little bit of privacy. This can come in handy against the peering eyes of thieves. Not to mention that tinting car glass protects your dashboard and upholstery, particularly leather seats.

Myth #2 Tinted Car Glass Does Not Last and Is Not Effective

If you see tinted car glass that is bubbling, it was probably done by someone who is not a professional. As a result, the tinted glass will clearly not be effective and will not last. On the other hand, when you get glass professionally tinted at an auto glass shop, it ends up effective. Not only will it prevent UV rays from entering your car, but it’ll also last for at least 20 years.

Myth #3 Windshield Tinting Fresno Makes the Glass Strong

Although windshield tinting does not strengthen the glass, it does prevent glass particles from shattering if the glass is damaged. Safety is always important on the road, and tinting car glass provides that protection. So, even though tinted car glass does not make the glass stronger, it does decrease the chance of shattering glass.

Myth #4 Windshield Tinting Fresno Will Make The Glass Too Dark

Car glass tint comes in a variety of shades you can choose from. Therefore, if you do not want the glass to be too dark, you can choose a lighter tint. This will still prevent UV rays from entering your car without the glass being dark. Keep in mind that the shade of the tint must follow your state’s regulations, meaning that it cannot exceed a specific shade.


Windshield tinting Fresno is beneficial, despite what a few myths say. In fact, most of these car glass tinting myths are far from the truth.

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