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5 Auto Glass Tinting Benefits You Will Love

Auto glass tinting is often underrated. However, it is highly beneficial for all drivers. Whether you drive often or not, tinting your car glass can help you stay safe on and off the road. Here are five benefits you will love about tinting your car glass:

Your Car Stays Cool

A hot car is an unhappy car full of sweaty people. Unless you like to sweat on your way to work or school, auto glass tinting is the way to go. Tinting car glass keeps your car cool. You do not have to put the AC on max and wait for the car to cool down. The tinted glass speeds things up!

You Are Protected from Glares

Auto glass tinting also protects you from sun glares and keeps you safe on the road. Although sun glares are not dangerous on their own, when combined with driving, they are bad. Not only do they obscure your vision, but they could increase your chance of getting into a car accident. With car glass tinting, you would prevent 99% of UV rays from entering your vehicle, which means that you will be less accident-prone.

You Get Protection from Thieves

Do you leave items openly around your car? Perhaps a GPS or even a few coins tossed in the cup holder? Lots of drivers leave things laying around their vehicle. And while you have all the right in the world to do that, a thief could easily see what you have. Auto glass tinting means more privacy. Why let a thief see everything when you can make it difficult for him/her to peek inside?

The Upholstery Stays in Shape

A car with cracking, old leather seats looks like a mess. Ruined leather is typically caused from the hot sun. When you tint your windshield, you are instantly protecting the leather seats. Additionally, you are guarding the steering wheel and the dashboard from heating up and having similar fates.

The Glass is Strengthened and Does Not Shatter Easily

You probably did not know that car glass tinting makes the glass stronger and harder to break. Therefore, if you get into an accident, the glass is sturdier and has a higher chance of staying intact. This means you would be safe from any broken glass hitting you in the face, even if the glass gets damaged.


Auto glass tinting can save a life. With these five benefits, we are sure you will find car glass tinting essential for every driver like you.

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