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Top 4 Fresno Auto Glass Blogs on Windshield Maintenance

When it comes to Fresno auto glass, regular windshield maintenance is important. This is not only to keep your car in shape but to also keep you safe on the road. Below are four must-read Fresno auto glass blogs to help you get started:

4 Tips to Preventing a Windshield Replacement Fresno

When you have a minor windshield damage and you need a repair, it is always best to get it done quickly. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk on the road. At the same time, delaying a repair often leads the damage to increase. In such cases, a simple repair turns into a windshield replacement Fresno.

Major Mistakes to Avoid After Car Glass Repair

It is a given that you should regularly maintain your car glass. However, it is even more important to do so after a car glass repair. This is because you want to keep your windshield and windows in shape. After all, past behavior could have easily been a cause behind the glass damage. Part of maintaining your car glass is ensuring that you do not make these mistakes:

Not Washing the Glass Often

Frequently washing your car glass is wise. Though, it is especially important after a car glass repair. Besides, filthy glass is more susceptible to scratches and chips. Therefore, ensuring that the glass remain spotless should be at the top of your priorities. The good news is that this mistake can easily be avoided. All you must do is clean the glass. Plus, many gas stations have a free windshield cleaning station just for this reason.

5 Safety Tips for Avoiding a Car Windshield Repair

Getting a windshield damage is not a fun time for a driver. A damage can put the driver at risk on the road and ruin the appearance of the car. Plus, getting a car windshield repair is costly and takes time out of a driver’s day. So, what is a driver to do? Be cautious, of course! That means maintaining your windshield to prevent damages.

How Not to Clean Bird Droppings to Prevent a Car Glass Repair

Bird droppings are not an unusual sight. They even happen on our cars more often than we like. And while bird droppings do not seem risky, they can be if not cleaned off your car and windshield properly. In fact, bird droppings can lead to a car glass repair if not removed safely from the glass. A lot of people choose to wipe the bird droppings off with a wet cloth, but is that the right way to do it?


Fresno auto glass is only as strong as you take care of it. The better you maintain your car’s windshield, the safer you are on the road.

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