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Our Top 4 Blogs on the Importance of Windshield Tinting for You

There are a lot of misconceptions on windshield tinting, including that it is only a luxury. However, that is far from the truth. Tinting auto glass is very much valuable. It can even protect you on the road all while maintaining your car. Below are our top four blogs to help you see the importance of auto glass tinting: Continue reading

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When Should You Get Windshield Tinting Done?

Have you ever wondered when you should get your car windshield tinted? A lot of drivers think hard before they make changes to their cars. After all, cars are expensive and a little mess is costly. Auto glass in particular is not something to mess with. The smallest damage could put you at risk of an accident. For instance, what if you got your windshield tinted but the tinting bubbled and distorted your view of the road? This is never a good thing. The good news is that a professional auto glass shop can do windshield tinting the proper way. This means that your glass will stay in its best shape. So, that leaves one question, when should you get a tinting service done? Continue reading

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Improve Your Car Experience with Auto Glass Tinting in Fresno

Drivers without tinted car windows sometimes look at cars with tinted windows as nice but unnecessary. After all, who needs to spend money to make a car look pretty? However, something many drivers do not know is that car windows do more than improve appearances . Here are four benefits of auto glass tinting Fresno. Continue reading

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4 Car Glass Repair Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

If you have a damaged windshield, by no means should you make it worse. Some people, however, do not know that tampering with a broken windshield can be dangerous. Not only could they break it even more, but it could cause awful accidents. So, if you need a car glass repair, be sure to avoid these mistakes: Continue reading

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Our Top 5 Most Helpful Car Glass Repair Blogs

Auto glass is a wonderful invention. Can you imagine having a car without any windows or windshields? Just think of all the rain and wind that could enter your car while you are driving. It is not a pretty image! For that reason, auto glass should be appreciated and taken good care of. Below, we have compiled the top 5 most helpful car glass repair blogs, some of which are meant to assist you with your broken auto glass and others are meant to prevent damages to your auto glass. Continue reading

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How to Safely Remove Stickers from Your Auto Glass

Windshield stickers can be irritating to remove. Obviously, they are sticky, but the worst part about them is that they could end up harming your auto glass if you remove them wrong. How can you remove them wrong? Well, windshield stickers are so sticky that peeling them off is just not that simple. And when you start using tools to help get rid of the stickers, that is when you put the glass at risk of damage. Here is how to safely remove stickers from your windshield: Continue reading