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Dealing with Hail Damage

When conditions are right, hail stones can form.

With a thunderstorm comes high wind and rain but if the conditions are right, hail can happen. Hail damage can happen quickly with anything it comes in contact with. All vehicles can receive dents and broken glass.

If you can avoid hail damage, do it! but if it happens when you are on your way to home or office, this can be difficult. Staying alert to weather stations can help keep you off the road. If you are caught in a hailstorm, try to seek refuge under an overpass, if possible. When at home, if you don’t have a garage, there are specially designed car covers with padding that can resist hail damage. All in all, it’s better for you to stay safe and deal with auto repairs after the storm.

Drivers often postpone repairing the chips or cracks caused by hail. It seems convenient but the driver and passengers in the car can be in danger. A while back, windshields and other auto glass were only meant to protect the people from weather and give a clear view while driving. Auto body was made of heavy steel. Now lighter materials are used but may compromise the structural integrity. Bottom line: Cracked glass on a vehicle that continues to be driven will more likely break increasing the injury risk. At the very least, your vision through the windshield may be compromised.

How to repair chips or cracks? There are do-it-yourself kits that you can purchase for a low price but doing the repair takes time and patience.

At 7 Stars Auto Glass, we have certified technicians to repair your chips or replace your windshield with a life-time guarantee and it only takes less than an hour.