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Why Windshield Tinting?

There are many benefits of tinting auto glass.

A pointless luxury? Some even believe that windshield tinting is a waste of money. However, tinting auto glass is very useful not only to drivers but also their cars.

 Only for Appearance? Sure, it can be nice to have, but it does so much more. For instance,  It also provides you a little bit of privacy so that thieves do not get tempted to break inside and steal something. It protects your dashboard and upholstery, particularly leather seats. Windshield tinting protects your upholstery from warping, fading, or cracking.

How long does it last? We have all seen tinted windshield that is bubbling. If this is the case, tinted glass will not be effective and will not last. However, when you tint your windshield at a professional auto glass shop, it is effective. Not only will it prevent UV rays from entering your car, but it will also last for at least 20 years.

 Does Tinting Auto Glass Make the Glass Strong? Even though tinted auto glass does not make the glass stronger, it does decrease the chance of the glass shattering if it has a crack.

Doesn’t Tinting Auto Glass Make It Too Dark? Auto glass tint comes in a variety of shades to choose from. So, if you do not want the glass to be too dark, choose a lighter tint. This will still prevent UV rays from entering your car. Keep in mind that the shade of the tint must follow your state’s regulations, meaning that it cannot exceed a specific shade.

Windshield tinting might seem like it is only for appearance, but it does more than meets the eye. The fact is, tinted auto glass has many benefits.

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Fact or Myth: Windshield Tinting Does More Than Meets the Eye

Whoever said that windshield tinting is not useful is not aware of the many benefits of tinting auto glass. There are many misconceptions out there on tinted auto glass. One of them being that tinting auto glass is pointless luxury. A few drivers even believe that tinting their car glass is a waste of money. However, tinting auto glass is in fact very useful not only to drivers but also their cars. Below, we have listed the top four myths people fall for when it comes to tinting auto glass: Continue reading

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5 Benefits of Car Windshield Tinting in Fresno

Windshield tinting is a nice add-on to your car, right? Well, it can be more than that, too. For instance, just think of all the sunny days in Fresno and how hot your car gets. Windshield tinting Fresno is better than you might think. In fact, by tinting your windshield and windows, you gain the following five benefits: Continue reading