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Are Moving Trucks Eligible for a Mobile Windshield Repair?

Moving trucks are everywhere on the road, so they are just as likely to get a windshield damage as any other vehicle. Though this is unfortunate, the good news is that moving trucks are eligible for a mobile windshield repair. In fact, at 7 Star Auto Glass Fresno, this service comes to you at no additional cost! Continue reading

mobile windshield repair Fresno

Can Moving Trucks Call a Mobile Windshield Repair Fresno?

Moving trucks have a lot to carry. So, what happens when they get a windshield damage on the road and must stop? Does the world end? No, of course not! Instead, moving truck drivers can call for a mobile windshield repair Fresno. In other words, they can park their truck and wait for an auto glass professional to come and take care of the issue at hand. Still, when exactly can they call for this mobile repair service? Continue reading