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Getting a RV Glass Replacement

Traveling the country in your RV is the best way to spend time with your family. Not only is it adventurous, but it just happens to be convenient. You can go anywhere you want anytime. The open road is all yours. However, what happens to your RV on the days, weeks, or months you are not traveling? It goes in storage space, of course! Though, did you know that your RV could get damaged while you are away? This is something that no one can control. Everyday elements like wind and rain can create disasters. If your auto glass gets damaged because of it, you will have a repair or replacement on your hands. So, below are several signs your RV needs an auto glass replacement:

Check for Scratches, Chips, and Cracks

Are there any scratches, chips, or cracks? Those are the first signs of damage. If your RV’s storage space is open and has no roof for protection, your windshield could get damaged. This is rare, but it does happen. A tree branch could fall on the glass, either scratching it, cracking it, or shattering it altogether.

If you find scratches and small chips, you can often get away with a quick repair. Though, if these minor damages are in your line of sight while driving, you will need an auto glass replacement. If you have a cracked windshield, you will most likely need a replacement too. Get a replacement if you see these signs.

Check for Glass Mold

auto glass replacementAuto glass mold is a common problem if your RV has been sitting around for months in an open area. Without a change of air and if there is condensation around the RV, mold will find your RV to be the perfect breeding house. Mold is hazardous in cars, particularly on auto glass. Thus, if you find mold anywhere on your windshields or windows, get an auto glass replacement.

Check for Cracking or Moldy Window Seals

Finding mold on the glass is not as bad as finding mold on your window seals. Mold can easily eat at the window seals. If left undealt with, your windshield and windows might break from the destruction to the window seals. Thus, inspect the window seals, looking for both mold and cracks. If you find cracks but not mold, that is still a sign there is something wrong. It is best to call an auto glass repair shop and have a certified technician come look at your windshield.

Does your RV have an auto glass damage? By knowing the signs for an auto glass replacement, you can take care of your RV before your road trip.